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Psychopathy - Lucifer - 07-20-2011 01:10 PM

In regards to psychopathy....... The commonly held belief of an absent or diminished moral capability is entirely flawed, based upon something which varies from culture to culture, individual to individual, regardless of mental abnormalities. The Psychopath - Sociopathic - Killer is an extremely disturbed mind, riddled with a host of mental illnesses, which all left untreated or admitted leads to expressions of criminal behavior (United States).

One may think of them as entirely emotionless monsters. But behind this illusion, lurks a self destructive, angry, sometimes infantile, ego , that is more human than any of us would like to imagine.

Self Destructive Behavior --- Violence Directed Against the self. Psychopaths use the method of self-destructive , highly stimulating , and addicting activities to achieve temporary emotional sastisfaction. As the amount of stimulation to achieve the high becomes greater, more depraved and ritualized (premeditated), and more extreme forms of violence will occur. Cutters and self mutilators commonly describe a rush (dopamin) which floods the system after the act. The pain needed steadily increases and mimics the effects of certain drugs.

Since the psychopath does not have a sense of purpose other than survival and self-satisfaction, cutting , suicide, suicide attempts, and self-mutilation will be rare, unless the subject also expierences psychotic delusions, or has an ulterior motive (psychiatric defense, attention, malingering). Petty crimes with no purpose other than the rush may be commented, some things such as fires and panty stealing serving dual purposes, satisfying multiple psychologically rooted desires. Drugs may play a role, though I believe that they do not have long term adverse psychological effects on the individual. The illnesses is already present, and the psychopath is more immune to normal life situations that would break others.

They do not seem to relate any insightful meaning to major events in their life. Another factor to consider is the unusual tendencies of psychopaths to willingly place stress upon themselves and set themselves up for failure. He controls his reality. When he wants to be liked, he does so. And sometimes he wishes to be hated. It justifies his view of the world as unfair and cruel. "Thats just how it is" "Thats life". He will not take responsiblity for his actions. Others will be to blame for his own failings and mistakes.

He is unable to fully consilidate his personality, causing a constant dissassociate state that cannot be broken or remedied. Simple, without the dissassociaton he is nothing. it is required or else his mind cannot function. because he cannot care about anything, everything about him is a lie (though not a deliberate lie in the sense. To him there is no truth or lies, no ties between the semantic words and factual realiy.) he does not really have interests (except those he cannot possibly explain to others), no true personality. It is a constantly morphing persona, absorbing traits from those he meets and expierences, learning which words will elicit which reactions. its all a game, but he is the only one playing. Primitive emotions will cause him to be lonely , though he may never admit it. And even around people he is always alone, for to communicate what really goes on in his head would drive anyone away in horror, he must always lie. There is no self with him. He would only ever be able to act in a chaotic frenzied lust driven rage. Which is what the serial killer does only, and only, when he believes no one will ever know, and if they do, the wouldnt have ever seen it.

The psychopathic schizophrenic (Richard Chase) behave in such a manner, but still manage to act somewhat composed and normal when they instinctivly realize it may save their freedom/life. Wearing gloves to the crime scene, running from the police, denying what he did in court. He carefully and methodically killed everyone in the second house, and only then procedded to mutilate them. To even have left a single child alive would have left evidence against him of his own inhumanity , dangerous to his continueing mission. Herbert Mullin, also, though psychotic, was able to carefully kill any witnessess to his murders, creating excuses in his strange quasireligion.