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The War in Heaven
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The War in Heaven

Setting: Sometime After the arrival of the alien masters on Earth. The Angel race had left their home planet after powerful magiks had unleashed demonic beings, which quickly overran all their well planned defenses. The survivors of this disastor have settled down in a far away Galaxy, making the third rock from the sun their home.
The Angel race are lead by a machine which houses the spirit of their tribes founding father. He is JEHOVAH, a disembodied mind kept alive by state of the art techonolgy. He commands the Angels, and only by his will are more created, for only he possess the Original Genetic Strain of the pure angelic race,nesseccary to create life.
War erupts as varying factions attempt to seize control of Earth for themselves. Primitive, early humans may fight for their masters.
Loyalist Angels-Angels loyal to JHVH. Fighting to regain control of the Earth.

Fallen Angels-Angelic Followers of Lucifer. Seek to overthrow JHVH and take over the Earth.

Watchers-Angelic Followers of Samyaza and the Nephilim.Wish to rule their own hedonistic paradises and breed a new race of super men.

Demons-Mutated Angels who Follow Satan. Once JHVH's loyal servant, he now embraces the dark magiks that destroyed his home in hopes of achieving total power over all things.

Djinn / Golems / Humans / Hybrids-Neutral , May follow whoever

Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror
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RE: The War in Heaven

OOC: is this like immediatly after the fall? So humans are involved yes? Like...say...bronze age? Or for the sake of the story the age where new technologies are being presented to man?

07-21-2011 08:11 AM
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